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Sushi Bar

You can get a magnificent view of the sunset and the sea from the bar or the terrace at the brightly lit covered walkway between the Kurhaus and the Mecklenburg Building.

This is the place to enjoy sushi, sashimi and a range of different soups and salads made using the freshest ingredients. To accompany your food why not enjoy a refreshing Asian beer, a glass of sake or one of our excellent Asian cocktails. In our Japanese fine dining restaurant we serve mainly sushi made from freshly caught ingredients. Made in the tradional way from cold, pickled rice, raw or smoked fish, shellfish, vegetables, tofu and egg. Combinations vary according to type and recipe. However, since Japanese cuisine consists of more than just sushi and sashimi, you will find other Japanese specialities, like crunchy roll, on our menu.

Enjoy your culinary evening.

The Sushi Bar is closed on the following dates.

 14 to 20 January 2019
28 January to 3 February 2019
11 to 7 March 2019
7 to 20 October 2019

The Sushi Bar menu to download