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Fitness and Personal Training

Why not use your holiday to participate in our keep-fit programme.

Our personal trainers will put together an effective training plan for you. You can look forward to using Technogym gym equipment and you have a choice of free fitness and relaxation courses, like for example pilates, legs/bums/tums, aqua-gymnastics, nordic walking, beach walking, back fitness, body tuning and power workouts.

Package Description Price Duration
Kinesis Training Three-dimensional training concept modelled on the body’s natural sequence of movements. State-of-the-art FullGravityTM technology facilitates a wide range of different exercises that enable you to train specific muscle groups simultaneously. EUR 110 60 mins.
Tai Chi Flowing meditation exercises increase your vital energy, harmonise your physical strengths, boost control over your body and are an aid to mental relaxation. EUR 110 60 mins.
Logicalgolf Training Give your golf swing a new look – with a combination of Logicalgolf and Kinesis Training. EUR 110 60 mins.
Personal Training Workout with professional advice in the gym or on the beach. EUR 110 60 mins.
Personal Training Treble Ticket 3x Workout with professional advice in the gym or on the beach. EUR 295 180 mins.

Free Courses

  • Tummy Special
  • Pilates
  • Back Fit & Stretch
  • Body Balance
  • Beach Walking
  • Aqua-Fitness
  • Autogenic Training
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Body Tuning
  • Yoga with our Indian yoga master Sanjay Vyas