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Our programme of leisure activities for teenagers

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Alcohol-free cocktails are all the rage. There are now hundreds of hip recipes for alcohol-free drinks, not just for teenagers, but for adults too.

Every Monday in summer starting at 1.30 pm

These cocktails are a very popular alternative to those including spirits, especially in summer. The advantage they have is that you can consume several glasses, even you are sitting somewhere soaking up the sun. Fruits and vitamins not only make them delicious but healthy as well. So why not treat yourself to a spot of summer fun with a cocktail course mentored by real-life professional barkeepers from the Grand Hotel. You will learn all you need to know about ingredients, classic recipes and will take some insider tips home with you.

Please register by 5 pm on the day before the course either at Reception or by calling the Concierge. The course then kicks off every Monday at 1:30 pm in the Nelson Bar.

  • Cocktail Course (1 hour)
    EUR 15 per person

Are you seeking the perfect holiday look for Heiligendamm? Then we’ve got something for you during the summer months 2018 – our make-up courses for teenagers. During these courses you will learn top tricks for applying lipstick, rouge and eye cosmetics as well as making the best use of brushes.

Every Wednesday in summer starting at 10.50 am

Every Wednesday, following a short introduction, you will be given make-up suggestions and tips about what matches you and your look best in the Heiligendamm SPA. You will learn how to apply decorative cosmetics properly and make your face glow as if it had been made up by a professional. The minimum participation age is 12. 

Please register by 8 pm on the day before the course either at the SPA Reception or by calling the Concierge. The course kicks off every Wednesday at 10.50 am at the SPA Reception.

  • Make-Up Course (1 hour)
    EUR 15 per person


Only in summer! Why not combine some sporting activity with having fun and register for our open-air table tennis tournament held every Saturday! There’s practically no other activity that makes it so easy to meet people as cool and laidback as you are.

Every Saturday in summer starting at 2 pm

You will bond quickly here. That’s because table tennis mixes having fun and being competitive so well like practically no other sport. Previously also referred to as "ping pong", this sport has provided an opportunity to engage in sporting activity and to make friendships for generations. Of course we provide everything that you need to play – bats and balls are always available at the Kids’ Club.

Incidentally the winner of each Saturday’s tournament wins a Grand Hotel Heiligendamm toiletries bag. 
Please register no later than 8 pm on the day before the table tennis tournament at Reception or by calling the Concierge. The meeting point every Saturday at 2 pm is in the Polar Bear Kids’ Club. The tournament itself is held on the outdoor courts behind the Kids’ Club.

Table Tennis Tournament
Participation is free of charge to hotel guests

Only in summer – pure exercise and relaxation! Why not register for a yoga and exercise course at the Heiligendamm SPA. Why not train together with other laidback people and benefit from the expert knowledge of our personal coaches or yoga teachers.

Every Friday in summer starting at 2 pm
The group decides what’s on the Friday afternoon agenda – yoga or exercise. What is definite is that the exercises and sessions are entirely tailored to the needs of young people, who don’t want to miss out on gym sessions even while on holiday and who fancy trying out something new under professional guidance. The focus is always on exercise and having fun. Enjoy!

Please register by 8 pm on the day before the course either at the SPA Reception or by calling the Concierge. The course kicks off every Friday at 2 pm at the SPA Reception in the Severin Palais. Please note that a minimum of three people must register for the course to take place.


  • Yoga & Exercise Course for Teenagers (1 hour)
    EUR 15 per person

Of the noblest stock — horseracing in Heiligendamm.

Tradition means obligation. Races are again being held at the oldest racecourse on the Continent of Europe. You can find a privately owned horse-breeding ranch and a riding school at the neighbouring studs — you can also stable your own horse here, stage tournaments and enjoy the hilly countryside on horseback.

Why not explore 'Reitcamp Börgerende', gallop along the beach or go on an excursion to the 'Nienhäger Geisterwald' (ghostly forest). Extended rides can also be undertaken along Heiligendamm's sandy beach from October to March.


  • Rides at walking/trotting pace including beach visit
    60 minutes


  • Ride along the beach and to the 'Nienhagener Geisterwald'
    90 minutes

Horseback rides lasting several days with overnight stops can also be arranged. The to some extent completely unspoilt countryside with its many nature conservancy areas forms the backdrop for a riding experience in a class of its own. You will get a sense of the harmony between horse and natural environment on a one-day riding excursion or a horseback hiking tour lasting several days.

The Baltic’s gentle waves are very accommodating, especially to beginners of this popular in-sport. Why not make use your summer holidays in Heiligendamm and train to tackle more challenging stretches of water.

The first stand-up paddlers were Polynesian fishermen, who paddled their canoes in a standing position off the coast of Tahiti. The modern boards of today enable both beginners planing close to the beach and professionals riding the waves to get their money’s worth. Stand-up paddling is very much in vogue; it exercises plenty of muscle groups and schools your sense of balance. A board and a paddle are all you need to have fun on the water and our trainers provide wetsuits. Why not try it out. Have fun!

  • Stand-Up Paddling Beginners’ Course
    incl. wetsuit, theoretical/practical familiarisation


If you have any questions or wish to make a reservation, please contact our Guest Relations team.

+49 38203 740-1901


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Our offers are for young people from 13 years.