Grandhotel Heiligendamm - Children's Villa

At Grand Hotel Heiligendamm kids have an entire villa at their disposal.

All rooms in the Children's Villa are decorated with enchanting, detailed murals. The carefully selected interior rounds off the master concept perfectly. Three floors each featuring a different world of experience, surrounded by a dedicated garden with swings, slides and sandpit provide children of all ages with enough space to play, romp about and daydream.

Our youngest guests aged from 3 to 6 can experience a Mowgli-style adventure in the "Jungle"

African furniture and murals featuring wild animals unleash a keen sense of adventure, and the Dream Room with its generously sized reclining areas under a starry sky is the perfect place for children and their parents to relax, e.g. when reading stories.

For rough-and-ready cowboys and fearless Indians aged between 6 and 12.

The "Western City", one floor up, offers the right surroundings with its many wooden turning houses. The Grand Opera House with its selection of costumes, the Saloon and the Sheriff's Office bring the Wild West to life. The children can hightail it from here down into the garden via a large tunnel slide.

The oldest 'polar bears' will find what they are looking for on the top floor of the Villa: the infinite Universe beckons in the imaginatively designed "Space Shuttle"

PlayStations with the latest video games, trendy Captain Kirk armchairs and a cinema with a 3-metre-wide screen and relaxing recliners make teenagers' hearts beat a little faster.

Avid readers will find a library stocked with the most popular children's books and with comfortable reading armchairs under the roof.


If you have any questions or wish to make a reservation, please contact our Guest Relations team.

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