Grandhotel Heiligendamm - Talks on History

Heiligendamm and its history.

To complement our wide range of cultural and culinary highlights, we also organise weekly talks, which are intended to provide you with more information about Heiligendamm and its history. Why not learn some interesting facts about Heiligendamm, Germany's oldest seaside resort, and about the evolution of seaside resort architecture in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which had its origins here.

Art historian and Heiligendamm expert Prof. Dr. Joachim Skerl takes you on a two-hour journey through the era that witnessed the birth of Germany's first ever seaside resort and the evolution of its building styles. Why not join him on a tour spanning more than two centuries that inlude many significant events, unique historic buildings and scores of anecdotes.

His work focuses on 19th century art history and the history of Germany's first ever seaside resort, in particular the history of its buildings. The architectural history of the place and its inclusion in a European context through the influence of Karl Friedrich Schinkel or the design of the Ensemble (of buildings) by Peter Josef Lenné demonstrate the key role that Heiligendamm has played in Mecklenburg's development since the beginning of the 19th century, particularly in terms of the history of seaside resorts and their architecture. Rare image material in the form of a slide show with commentary show the architectural stlyes that made Heiligendamm the White City by the Sea and that have characterised it since then.

  • Hotel guests can attend our Talks on History free of charge
  • External guests are welcome to attend at a charge of EUR 12 per person

(plus 20% supplement if tickets are purchased on the day of the event)

Please ask our Concierge at Reception which room the talk is being held in.