Grandhotel Heiligendamm - Activities Ashore

Activities to suit all tastes. It does not matter if you are a landlubber or a sea dog - our varied range of leisure activities caters for all your needs.

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Our two tennis courts are located just a few minutes away on foot from Grand Hotel Heiligendamm. The facilities are managed by Sven Timmermann. Together with his team he provides a challenging programme of instruction for beginners, the advanced and also for team players of all ages on request. Technique and tactical training, mental preparation or video analysis enable you to get the most out of your game. You can make reservations by contacting our Concierge on Extension 1910.  You can hire racquets, balls and shoes at any time from the Hotel Reception.  The courts are open from April to October, daily from 7 am to 8 pm on request.


Embedded in magnificent countryside – well away from any hustle and bustle – the golf course is located between the long-established Baltic Sea resorts of Heiligendamm and Kühlungsborn. Featuring a 27-hole golf complex, this golf resort provides a unforgettable playing experience with an  exceptional panoramic view of the Baltic Sea thrown in.


Tradition means obligation. Races are again being held at the oldest racecourse on the Continent of Europe. You can find a privately owned horse-breeding ranch and a riding school at the neighbouring studs — you can also stable your own horse here, stage tournaments and enjoy the hilly countryside on horseback.

Hiking and Cycling

You will discover this wonderful combination of forests, the sea and refreshing sea air on hiking and cycling routes. Catch your breath and experience this fascinating environment at any time of year.

Picnics for Bon Vivants

Why not base your choice on your own personal preferences. Details about what each individual hamper contains can be found in the PDF below.