Grandhotel Heiligendamm - Activities on the Water

It does not matter whether you are a landlubber or a sea dog - our wide range of leisure activities meets all your needs.

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Would you like to take the helm yourself and feel the power of the wind and the sea or would you prefer a relaxing and romantic evening trip into the sunset? We will fulfil your wish and take you on a sailing trip to the best places along Mecklenburg's Baltic coast. Boat charter with professional skipper 2 hours, EUR 340 (plus booking fee EUR 30) each extra hour EUR 170

Stand-Up Paddling

The first stand-up paddlers were Polynesian fishermen, who paddled their canoes in a standing position off the coast of Tahiti. The modern boards of today enable both beginners planing close to the beach and professionals riding the waves to get their money’s worth. Stand-up paddling is very much in vogue; it exercises plenty of muscle groups and schools your sense of balance. A board and a paddle are all you need to have fun on the water and our trainers provide wetsuits. Why not try it out. Have fun!

Speedboat Rides

Experience the thrills of a ride in a speedboat off the coast where the White City by the Sea is located or to the island of Poel, to Wustrow or to Salzhaff Rerik.

Sailing School

Under the professional guidance of our sailing instructors you can conveniently qualify for all the necessary sailing yacht and motorboat licences during your holiday. You are also welcome to enquire about our special children's courses. The young ones can also learn the art of manoeuvring on the water in our hotel-owned Optimist called "Schwup-Di-Wup".

Wind- and Kitesurfing in Heiligendamm

Professional wind- and kitesurfing  equipment, experienced instructors and a unique backdrop await you during summer in Heiligendamm, directly behind the promenade. Kite-und Surfschule Heilendamm Wassersportschule Kühlungsborn