Grandhotel Heiligendamm - The Ensemble

The architecture of the White City by the Sea - "nature and creativity blend into one"

Heiligendamm is a complete work of art. It was the consummate interplay of the architecture of the individual buildings with an urban planning approach, which also incorporated the surrounding countryside, that created this jewel in the Bay of Mecklenburg.

The architecture of the White City by the Sea is unique in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Heiligendamm is not only a luxury hotel at the Baltic, but also a complete work of art consisting of architecture and untouched countryside.

To enable you to obtain an exact overview of the entire hotel complex, you can find a layout map below to download.

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Hohenzollern Castle

By having Hohenzollern Castle built, Grand Duke Paul Friedrich once made his dream and that of his wife come true. Hohenzollern Castle is unique in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and features 9 luxurious double rooms and 9 suites. Hohenzollern Castle's interior features brilliant blue with light-coloured accentuation and mahogany furniture, whilst striped armchairs with red cushions provide a pleasant contrast. Another feature of Hohenzollern Castle are the blue silk scarves that border the tall windows. Generously sized velvet sofas tempt our guests to take a break and provide the ideal level of comfort to let them relax.

Grand Hotel Building

Besides the hotel lobby and reception, the Grand Hotel Building also accommodates 31 luxurious double rooms and 16 suites, as well as the Nelson Bar with a magnificent panoramic view of the Baltic. The classically elegant style of the interior with its sand-coloured shades emphasises the charm of the neo-classical buildings.

Mecklenburg Building

You can reach the Mecklenburg Building by talking a short walk along a covered walkway from the Kurhaus. Erected in 1795 as a bathhouse, the Mecklenburg Building was the Ensemble's first brick-built edifice. Ever since it was built, the Mecklenburg Building has always been a place of rest and relaxation at the Baltic for foreign guests and regional visitors from Bad Doberan, Kühlungsborn and Rostock. Subtle plain-coloured or striped fabrics in shades of beige and green convey a sense of serenity. Premium materials like velvet and silk indulge your senses.

The Kurhaus

The culinary refinements served in the Friedrich Franz Gourmet Restaurant, the regional specialities offered in the Kurhaus Restaurant as well as the Asian delicacies provided in the Sushi Bar fulfil every gourmet's wish.

Severin Palais

In addition to its 49 luxurious double rooms and 17 suites, the Severin Palais also houses the exclusive 3000 m² Heiligendamm SPA. You can observe the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm and the Baltic at your leisure from the roof terrace and enjoy Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania's unique climate. The only new building in the hotel complex features light-coloured furniture in a combination of beige, green and rose, which gives the Severin Palais its own character.
Grandhotel Heiligendamm

Children's Villa

All rooms in the Children's Villa are decorated with enchanting, detailed murals. The carefully selected interior rounds off the master concept perfectly. Three floors each featuring a different world of experience, surrounded by a dedicated garden with swings, slides and sandpit provide children of all ages with enough space to play, romp about and daydream.