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The service provider [§ 6 German Teleservices Act (TDG)] responsible for www.grandhotel-heiligendamm.de is:

Grand Hotel Heiligendamm
Prof.-Dr.-Vogel-Str. 6
D-18209 Bad Doberan-Heiligendamm
Tel.: +49 (0)38203 740-0
Fax: +49 (0)38203 740-7474
E-Mail: info@grandhotel-heiligendamm.de

Billing Address
Grand Resort Heiligendamm GmbH & Co. KG
Prof.-Dr.-Vogel-Str. 6
18209 Bad Doberan-Heiligendamm

managed by

Grand Resort Heiligendamm GmbH & Co. KG
Hohenzollernstraße 53
D-30161 Hanover

Corporate Head Office: Hanover
Registered at Hanover DC, HRA 202837
Tax No.: 25/220/53072

Managing Directors: Patrick G. Weber, Thilo Mühl


Open New Media GmbH
Agentur für digitale Kommunikation
Internet: www.onm.de

Special solutions for hotels
Internet: hotel.onm.de

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Photo of Ozeaneum Stralsund © Johannes Maria Schlorke

Photo of Hansestadt Rostock © Grundner

Photo of Wismar © Volster & Presse HWI