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Culture by the Sea

You can look forward to enjoying a varied programme of cultural events in an exceptional atmosphere. The uniqueness of the historic ensemble of buildings in the "White City by the Sea" right at the Baltic coast, surrounded by an enchanting natural environment  makes you just want to take your time and enjoy what's on offer. Grand Hotel Heiligendamm is the centre of cultural attraction at the Baltic, offering highlights that involve first-rate authors, well-known artists and exclusive classical music concerts like the "Friday Concerts at the Heiligen Damm". The "Carte blanche für die hmt" series, a collaborative venture with Rostock University of Music and Drama (hmt), presents talented young musicians and actors/actresses once a month. Every summer top-class musicians guest-star at Grand Hotel Heiligendamm as part of the 'Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern' music festival. Throughout the year we provide a programme of entertainment, including readings, classical and jazz concerts and conversations about current topics in the chic seaside resort of Heiligendamm.

Meeting Place for Lovers of Music, Literature & Art

The Baltic resort of Heiligendamm has been a popular meeting place for writers, musicians, artists and aesthetes since the 19th century. This is a tradition that we are delighted to continue and maintain with our programme of cultural events, because music, literature, art and culture enrich this unique place. Grand Hotel Heiligendamm provides an exclusive programme of cultural events in an exceptional atmosphere. Those guest-starring at this seaside resort have included well-known writers like Zeruya Shalev, Roger Willemsen, musicians like Sabine Meyer, Daniel Hope, Nils Landgren and artists like Günther Uecker, Michael Triegel, Arno Rink and Andreas Mühe. Our entertaining and informative "Discover and Experience. Edutainment for Kids" programme provides culture for the whole family. Exciting workshops like the "Literature Workshop for Kids", illustration workshops with well-known illustrators like Kat Menschik, "Science Lab", "Technics on the move" etc await our young guests and their parents.