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Kurhaus Restaurant

Our chef de cuisine, Steffen Duckhorn, and the restaurant team extend a cordial welcome to you.

The elegant Kurhaus Restaurant serves creative, light cuisine that uses fresh produce from the region. Since we always want to treat you to cuisine of the highest quality and freshness, we buy many of our products,  like the eggs we serve at breakfast, from organic farms.

Our chef de cuisine in the Kurhaus Restaurant and his team have again come up with a number of exceptional creations for this season - light, creative, fun and colourful. The fresh produce is sourced mainly from the region and show the North of Germany at its most delicious. Pickled herring and salmon direct off Baltic fishing smacks, shrimps from the neighbouring North Sea, lamb from Bio-Gut Vorder Bollhagen, potatoes from the fields of Mecklenburg. Short transportation distances and the organic cultivation of many ingredients and the way they are prepared with care are in Steffen Duckhorn's opinion the key to producing wonderful flavours and aromas.

Our culinary team treats your taste buds to a delicious 3-course dinner or an irresistable buffet in our Kurhaus Restaurant daily from 6 pm to 10 pm. Our tip for late risers - we serve our ample buffet breakfast in the Kurhaus Restaurant until 11.30 am. The Kurhaus Restaurant can seat 80 people indoors and 150 people on the terrace outside.

You would like to reserve your table by phone or by e-mail, please call +49 38203 740-6210 or send an e-mail to tablereservation@grandhotel-heiligendamm.de.

The Kurhaus Restaurant menu to download